Independent donor group urges greater focus on rights, citizenship and equality

Ariadne, the European network is concerned that the Brexit debate has overly focused on party politics and trade.
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Nationaal Preventieakkoord

De Rijksoverheid heeft een Nationaal Preventieakkoord gesloten. Daarin staan afspraken tussen meer dan 70 verschillende organisaties in Nederland.
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SBF en Minfin werken gezamenlijk aan het ANBI stelsel

Brief over versterking giftenaftrek en ANBI naar Tweede Kamer
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Foute filantropie en goede goede doelen

Column in NRC (08032019)
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Dekker slaat de plank mis bij goede doelen

Artikel in FD (05032019) over het wetsvoorstel Transparantie maatschappelijke organisaties
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    General information about the FIN

    The Association of Foundations in the Netherlands (FIN)

    over-fin-algemeenThe Association of Foundations in the Netherlands (FIN) is the umbrella organisation representing the interests of private charitable foundations in the Netherlands. Any private charitable foundation established in the Netherlands and which makes a substantial part of its capital or income available to individuals or social organisations may become a member of the FIN.

    The FIN supports its members, stimulates contact and collaboration among its members, and provides a support service for good governance, asset management and donation policy. To this end it produces a number of informative publications such as the guidelines Het besturen van een fonds (Managing a Foundation) and the publication Fiscaliteit (Tax Law). The publications are only available in Dutch. The FIN also organises symposia and workshops.

    Click here for information about the NL tax climate for charitable foundations (memo of Ernst & Young), and here for more information about the Digital disclosure requirements for charities as of 1 January 2014 (Tax alert Ernst & Young).